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Betisse Assumpçao didn't like that Adriane Galisteu sold Senna's private life to the press

Shortly after Ayrton Senna's death, Adriane Galisteu, his last girlfriend, sold his private life to the press, in dozens of press interviews and a book, edited by Caras Brasil, the equivalent of the british tabloid "Hello". These contracts helped her gain fame and she started working in the Brazilian television a year later, basing her reputation on being Ayrton Senna's last girlfriend.

Adriane Galisteu, last girlfriend of Senna, doing promotion for her book at the Australian GP 1994, less than 5 months after Senna's death at Imola, San Marino.
Adriane Galisteu signing books at the official presentation in Brazil. She seemed very little affected by the recent death of her boyfriend, occured just 5 months before

In a recent interview, Ayrton Senna's Public Relations Manager, Betisse Assumpçao, who was with him at Imola the weekend of his death and also Roland Ratzenberger's accident, criticised the fact that some people took advantage of this circumstance to write books and sell private details of the life of the Brazilian hero. 

Ayrton Senna - Betisse Assumpçao - Imola 1994

Betisse had also been tempted with offers to write a book about the private life of Senna, but she rejected all of them stating in London, a few weeks after the tragic accident, that "Ayrton was a person very fond of his private life. I do not think it's fair that I write a book and tell all he wanted to preserve for himself. I wouldn't like to have this done to me. To write a book and only count the wins and the idol side does not interest me one bit. Not to mention that there are already many out there. "

Ayrton Senna - Betisse Assumpçao - Rubens Barrichello - Imola 1994

Ayrton Senna - Betisse Assumpçao - Rubens Barrichello - Imola 1994
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Betisse Assumpçao não gostou que Adriane Galisteu vendeu a vida privada de Senna para a imprensa

Adriane Galisteu also posed for Playboy in 1995, using the name of Senna. She negotiated for several months, looking for the highest amount of money possible, in order to make the most out of her short story with Senna during 1993 in 1994. In the same magazine Playboy of August 1995, where she posed opening her legs and shaving her vagina, she also put a telephone number at which readers could call and she would tell them stories about her life with Senna. 

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