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Bruno Senna speaks about Ayrton: "He was a man who liked to teach by experience."

Your Uncle (Ayrton Senna) died on the track while driving a Williams during San Marino Grand Prix (1994) and your father, in a motorcycle crash in 1996. Does it bother you when you speed up on the track?

No, not at all. I think if you are mentally weak before you race, it doesn't work. If you are scared, you're never going to do good. You have to make decisions that is going to preserve your life. I am also lucky that Motorsport is lot safer these days than it used to be. Your time comes when your time comes, you can also die of a heart attack while sitting on a chair.

You even drove for the Williams team in 2012, what was your family's reaction?
They were happy because they felt a sentimental connect. I was welcomed by Williams. I had a great time with them. Nobody discouraged me.

If you could share certain incidents, times spent with your uncle?
Most of the time I spent with him was when he was back home for the holidays in between seasons. He was a playful man, up in spirits. He came home and enjoyed being with the family. He used to go-karting, go for races and engage in some sport or the other. He was an active person. Though he was part of the family but it was so rare to see him that at times that the first few moments were strange especially for a child. Whenever he came home, first fifteen minutes, he seemed not from this world (laughs).

And you also went karting with him...
I started doing that with my grandpa (Milton da Silva) who was my mentor but whenever uncle used to come, he used to teach me bits and pieces.

Anything which Ayrton taught you and is still fresh in your mind?
He was a man who liked to teach by experience. The first thing he taught me was tactics to apply when overtaking and defending. One thing that is clear in my mind was when I tried to overtake him from outside during one of our practice sessions. He came and pushed me off the track telling me that I need to be certain, confident and alert when doing that. Being honest, I did not learn much for I kept overtaking people from outside (smiles). I had the advantage of being lighter in terms of weight but he had the advantage of being more experienced, so we were a good combination.

Was it your decision to model your helmet on the design used by your uncle?
Yes, of course, I could not wear my uncle's livery, it is not right to do that. I wanted to do something which would remind people of his livery, it is a tribute to him. I am probably the biggest fan Ayrton had. I had the opportunity to know him closely for me it is important to remember him. Hence, I thought of designing the helmet on similar colours (yellow with green and blue – also seen in the Brazil national flag). Though it is slightly different but when you look at it from the behind, you remember him. So many people remembered him for his helmet, so it worked very well.


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