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Kinda, Ayrton Senna's dog, discovers that her owner is dead

Ayrton Senna, niece Bianca, nephew Bruno, and dog Kinda and her sister, at his parent's home in Sao Paulo, 1989

Getting used to the absence of Ayrton, in early times, it was difficult even for Kinda, the Snauzer dog who was the only company of Ayrton, in many instances, at the refuge of Angra dos Reis. 

On the first landing made in Angra dos Reis with Senna's helicopter five weeks after Imola, the pilot Nelson Loureiro witnessed a moment that left him devastated: Kinda, realizing that Ayrton was not on board, became agitated and began searching for him. She toured every room of the mansion, one by one, in search of the owner. Then went back to the pier. Quiet and in the eyes of Nelson, sad. 

Kinda died on January 6, 1999, after exhausting all attempts by the Senna family and friends to save her from cancer.

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